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Ok you Super Saiyan, Naruto anime kidz. It’s time for an education on some real Japanimation. That’s right I said it. That’s what we called “Aww-knee-mae” in 1992. We had, Robotech, Battle of the Planets, Akira, Transformers the Movie, Ninja Scroll, Golgo 13 and Fist of the freakin’ Northstar. These were Pre-Pokemon invasion productions that paved the way to becoming a man. Not to get off on a rant here, (I know too late) but I’ve had this brewing for at least a decade. There I was, a young lad, newly exposed to properties with testosterone, meat and teeth. And what does American culture absorb? Sailor Moon, DBZ and Digimons… Imagine my horror and disbelief when this is what the Western market embraced…

When Kenshiro killed a man, they didn’t know it because pressure point attacks turned them into walking, talking, ticking blood bombs of pure awesome. So when I found out that Koei, creators of the Dynasty Warriors series, is producing Fist of the Northstar, it felt like a match made in heaven. This looks to be what a boy’s dreams are made of. I expect bodies to be flying in a glorious martial arts post-apocalypse. Kotaku predicts an international release which, if done justice, makes up for all the atrocities that became popularized in the Western market. It’s not like I expected Wicked City to be in every American home, but there was a definite anime paradigm shift that went from badass, to limp and lame.

Oh by the way, Get off my lawn.


Chun Li

After our look at the live model used for the Bayonetta advert, we just had to share a followup to some Korean marketing for Street Fighter that uses a cosplayer of their own. She’s not quite at the Bayonetta standard of quality, but she looks better than the ones we ended up with in 2 American films that featured the character. There’s a weird pervy guy hawking her down, but I’m going to chalk that up to some sort of culture gap…

Video after the jump.



Joystiq‘s uploaded the English version of the Final Fantasy 13 Tokyo Game Show trailer. Drool away.


What better way to start off October than with the ultimate gunwitch. This Japanese advert for Bayonetta features the most uncanny likeness to a fictional character ever. Outside of like…Lord of the Rings, rarely does that happen and they actually look better than what you imagine. How can a character so weird look so lustfully righteous? The lollipop is such a minute detail that adds 5 layers of hawtness in a borderline disturbing psychological fashion. Am I obsessing?

I guess that’s just what Bayonetta does…


Just kidding about the title. Capcom did go to ridonkulous places with their Street Fighter franchise titles. This good-natured jab is inspired by the most ludicrous title and Capcom’s first SF 3D foray on the PS2. Super Street Fighter IV begs to be made fun of for the amount of rehashes they did for the original SF2. That said, I’ll probably eat up every bit as I have over the past what, 20 years?

SSF4 boasts 8 new characters and a discounted price. T. Hawk, Deejay and newcomer Juri is confirmed. Juri looks pretty sweet and is leaps and bounds better than C. Viper in terms of character design. The inclusion of C. Viper, Rufus and Rose were missed opportunities for more worthy contenders. At least they weren’t rock-throwing jailbird Cody…

I vote for Guy, Haggar and Rolento with a little bit of Poison on the side.



As a final thought, I leave you with Haggar piledriving a shark.



If any of you guys are from the PS2 era, I hope you were able to catch either ICO or Shadow of the Colossus. People keep complaining that there are no original ideas from developers these days. You can bet that Team ICO will defy that. I’d never had the pleasure of checking out Shadow, but ICO was a unique and mesmerizing experience with heart and emotion. This simple demo of The Last Guardian from TGS: 2009 speaks volumes of that quality that we can continue to expect.


Dead Rising 2 Logo

For TGS 09 Capcom has released what I can only think of as a ‘crap ton’ of assets on all of us. There’s a fact sheet, screenshots, and trailers galore. After reading about it, and looking at all of it I’m a bit confused by what Dead Rising 2 is actually about. Judging from the fact sheet it looks like the game will be told differently depending on whether or not you’re playing single player or multiplayer.

The main story follows Chuck Greene who is trying to protect his daughter from the zombie onslaught. On the flip side with multiplayer it looks like you’ll be competing in a reality/game show called Terror is Reality. It reminds me a bit of the movie Running Man, only the contestants look outfitted in Motorcross gear. Enjoy all the wonderful goodies below.


Marvel Civil War

Back when P33pub reported that the Japanese PSP was offering digital manga downloads, we figured it was only a matter of time for the Western market to start getting some Marvel and DC digital downloads. It’s a perfect time to start checking out what’s going on in the current comic book world.

Over the past 10 or so years, it’s become quite staple for the 2 major publishing houses to have “summer events” to compete with each other, much like summer blockbuster movies. For instance, Marvel began a long journey starting from the break-up of the Avengers in “Avengers Disassembled”, to the near mutant extinction in “House of M”. Kotaku checked out the superhero “Civil War”. After that event, the Hulk rampages the planet in “World War Hulk” and the Skrulls invade Earth in “Secret Invasion”. This year, a group of super villains led by Norman Osborn (The Green Goblin) masquerade as the Avengers in “Dark Reign”.

So if you’re still not the type to walk in your local comic shop, but have an interest in the characters’ goings on, the PSP downloads may very well be the perfect thing for you.


God of War would definitely be in my top 10 gaming franchises of all time. I keep beating myself up for never having played God of War 2. Even though it’s been on my to-do list before the coming of GoW3, it seem that my procrastination has paid off. Because this holiday season the hi-def blu-ray collection edition is coming out I’ll have an even bigger incentive to flip out with Kratos for the second installment. May even charge through the first again for posterity.

From VG247

God of War Collection will feature reworked versions of both God of War® and God of War® II on a single Blu-ray Disc™ at full 1280 x 720 resolution. Both critically acclaimed games, which were originally developed for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, have been remastered with anti-aliased graphics running at 60 frames per second for a smooth gameplay experience on the PS3 system. Additionally, the Blu-ray Disc compilation will bring PlayStation®Network (PSN) trophy support to the franchise for the first time (included for both games).”

Comin’ at you for $39.99
I woulda dropped $20 for GoW2 anyway.


Playstation Lifestyle caught wind of Amazon.com skyrocketing sales of the PS3 Slim.

One of the reasons I had been hesitant about Blu-Ray is that I believe it was Sony’s intention to win the hi-def war at the expense of their gaming division. The Playstation lost its mantle as top dog in the console war after so much success with the Playstation and PS2. I was unnerved at the decision to cram a blu-ray player into the young machine raising the price to a staggering $600 price tag.

All to beat the HD-DVD. Sony won the HD platform, but the once great Playstation languished behind the graphically inferior Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Blu-Ray had essentially made the PS3 inaccessible to the majority of gamers with access to much more affordable options.

But now the grand plan is revealed to me and the floodgates have been opened. Amazon’s stock of PS3 Slims quickly sold and shipped and now has a 1-2 month waiting period for new to arrive. In their video game department, the Slim is now their #1 bestseller. Economy be damned, people just needed that $300 sweetspot to jump into gorgeous PS3 graphics and BD playability. As a fervent Sony supporter, despite my trepidation, I can finally start feeling confidence in my hometeam of Playstation once again.

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